A self-guided mini-course for business owners & marketing agencies

Get fundamentally clear on your message
Be consistent in all your communication
Halve your effort with all content creation
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Writing business copy before you have a central messaging blueprint is like
building a house with no architectural plan.

Your message is messy, making your conversion low and unpredictable
Your communication is disjointed and therefore your brand is not recognisable
Every collateral you create requires fresh thought on the messaging - highly inefficient
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Get your message foundations right
A central blueprint for all your communication

Get fundamentally clear on your message
Become consistent in all your communication
Halve your effort with all your content creation
Here's what you get in the mini-course:

A detailed e-book with actionable descriptions for each of your core message chapters. 

A customisable Core Message Map to bring it everything into one place, visually.

6 examples of different companies' Core Message Maps
to internalise your learnings 
(including the Core Message Map that this landing page is
 based on)

BONUS - 30-minute 1-1 review call to check you're on the right track (valid for July only)

BUY NOW for £499

LAUNCH BONUS - 30min, 1-1 review call 
(usually an additional £300) (Valid for July only)

Results from clients who
untangled their core message

OptivityNow (a consultancy in the customer service space), closed two “massive long-standing dream deals” and expanded their team

DiningTek, a tech start-up in the dining industry, won three major pitch competitions with up to $80,000 prizes

DGLegacy (a tech product in the asset management space), saw “exponential growth” in the number of sales since re-doing their website

Continuous IT (an IT services company), “aligned and re-inspired” their entire team

Danielle Cobo (an elite career coach) got clear on the structure of her keynotes and book


Canton Marketing (a marketing consultancy) went into a period of “huge growth” which led to their acquisition 18 months later. “We already had great people and products. What was missing was the messaging to stand out from the crowd” Rob Webster


Take it at your own speed

No previous copywriting or messaging experience needed

Works for both overall company messaging as well as individual products/services

What makes it so different?
The most in-depth & actionable core message framework on the market

Even though most people understand how foundational a core message is to a company's communication strategy, there are very few resources dedicated to it. Existing frameworks that dabble in the core message world often lack depth and are hard to act on. This leaves businesses to improvise and copywriters/agencies to invent their own framework which can often lack structure and depth. This mini-course is designed to give you an easy-to-follow structure to create your core message, so you know that the foundations of your communication is built strong.

Created by a full-time messaging architect

Alara Vural does not come from a marketing background nor does she come from an overly-businessy one. But what she does have is a very specific skill that's been tested and proven in the real world with 100+ businesses, from local startups to global enterprises, in all sorts of industries and with all sorts of business models... The skill of taking complex concepts and breaking them down into digestible & actionable components. 

Over her years of iterations, she distilled her skill into a systematic and reliable method of untangling a business' core message. After successfully using this framework will all of her clients, she has finally formulated her thinking into a repeatable framework; allowing even someone with zero messaging experience to untangle their own core message. 
BUY NOW for £499

LAUNCH BONUS - 30min, 1-1 review call 
(usually an additional £300) (Valid for July only)

When you get your foundations right the rest of the journey feels lighter

  • Higher conversion

  • Better differentiation

  • Internal alignment

  • Save energy, time & money

  • Increased passion and clarity for your own offering



In-depth reviews

Available as a one-off add-on for the mini-courses, designed to help solidify the teachings of the course. A1.5 hour, one-on-one Zoom call for £800.


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Collateral Creation

A series of coaching calls where Alara works with you to create the wording and flow of foundational collateral such as your website homepage or deck. Custom pricing.


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BUY NOW for £499

LAUNCH BONUS - 30min, 1-1 review call 
(usually an additional £300) (Valid for July only)